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HoS Pod: Ryan Glasspiegel
HoS Pod: Ryan Glasspiegel
The Best Sports Media Critic returns from the Super Bowl

Our returning champ Ryan is back from Arizona, to discuss sports media goings on in the Super Bowl aftermath. We get into his experience of doing a Colin Cowherd profile, whether Brett Favre has a case in his suing of Pat McAfee and Shannon Sharpe, plus some LeBron James takes. This conversation broaches, but is not limited to:

  • Super Bowl viewership. A disappointment?

  • What’s Skip Bayless like in person?

  • The aforementioned Brett Favre: Why he’s not charged for a crime, why he’s suing Pat McAfee and Shannon Sharpe

  • Ryan’s annoyance at how Celtics-Bucks became a load management game

  • Can the NFL make women’s flag football a thing?

  • Bill Simmons and Spotify. Ryan gives some expository there

  • I oh so bravely stand up for Michael Jordan’s legacy vs. LeBron James

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