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HoS Pod: Ryan Glasspiegel
HoS Pod: Ryan Glasspiegel
NBA ratings conspiracy theories and Shannon Sharpe's divorce from Skip Bayless

Was bed-ridden sick last week, now I’m finally back to fulfill your content needs. Today we have the return of the New York Post’s Ryan Glasspiegel and we kick off our sports media talk by discussing a very curious number: 11.9 million.

This podcast discussion includes but is not limited to:

  • The Game 1 NBA Finals viewership number finally, loudly confirms a theory I’ve been baking. Circumstantially at least

  • Does my conclusion mean that the NFL is about to see its viewership numbers radically change?

  • Ryan breaks down Shannon Sharpe leaving Undisputed and divorcing from Skip Bayless

  • I bring up Tucker Carlson leaving Fox because I momentarily forgot where Ryan works

  • Is there a Pat McAfee backlash now that he’s at ESPN?

  • The opaque nature of how people make millions on YouTube and can have it taken away

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