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HoS Pod: Ryan Glasspiegel

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HoS Pod: Ryan Glasspiegel

Nets special: Kyrie + Kanye and The Jews, plus an Ime Udoka Renaissance
Photo by Dustin Satloff/Getty Images

Ryan “King of Arbiters” Glasspiegel of the New York Post is back to help us cultivate some orthogonal sports media takes. On this podcast we discuss:

  • Why Ryan was right on Udoka’s job prospects (and Ethan was wrong)

  • CAA conspiracy or KD power move?

  • Player Empowerment and the Nets

  • Is Kyrie Irving antisemitic? Is there a difference between platforming and promoting?

  • Kyrie has taken DADD (Don’t Apologize Double Down) to the limit

  • How the Kyrie story became part of the Kanye story

  • How it’s hard to defeat Jewish conspiracy theories if you’re handling the Kanye situation like Ari Emanuel is

  • We discuss my article on polling

  • Ryan has strong election takes

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