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HoS Pod: Rob Mahoney

HoS Pod: Rob Mahoney

Star of The Ringer goes down memory lane with his old co-worker

I once worked with expert NBA writer Rob Mahoney in what felt like impossible circumstances. Looking back, I want to know: Did he really handle it as easily as it looked from the outside? We get into that, take a look back on the industry and discuss his burgeoning podcast power. The episode touches on but is not limited to:

  • How did NBA writing become Rob’s life?

  • Why does he still do it?

  • Our insane experience of working at Bleacher Report in 2012

  • When the robots demanded that we say LeBron and D-Wade “choke because they’re mentally weak”

  • Did we experience the Chat GPT future in 2012?

  • How Sports Illustrated fumbled the bag

  • Who is the new Al Horford?

  • Can Rob explain Denver Nuggets title contention to a normie?

  • Rob’s Top 3 TV shows

  • Is Rob a nerd or a cowboy?

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