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Lot of good questions put forth on this episode. Much as we’ve tried to understand the dynamics politically of a digital first environment we have lots to learn about the social changes that are coming as a result. Like Work From Home and other things I suspect we are all living through the rough transition and will eventually land on a healthy middle ground somewhere - the people stuck in the middle will suffer much like any other revolution

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Hi Ethan, I've been a subscriber from day one, and I'm also coincidentally a woman. Just letting you know so you can claim representation.

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FWIW, everyone at my job, all my friends, and most of the people in my area work from home and I have never heard anyone with an experience like Ethans (which sounds great). I don't know anyone who's gotten involved with their neighbors. I don't think I've heard of anyone who has more social contact now than when they were in the office.

In my experience there are 2 groups - senior people who spend ~6 hours or more on calls. And workers who spend most of their time writing code, writing documents etc. It seems almost completely solitary for all of us.

I'm sure different people have different experiences based on many factors, but that is mine. And I'm not hard core anti WFH either. There are benefits for sure. But I think there are some very large costs as well.

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I laughed at the height round up. I'm 5'11" at the doctor's office. But I'll always be 6'0" on my drivers license.

Another great pod with Rob - hope he stays a fixture of the House

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To the poor kid who is lonely and not gaining the skills and connections needed to excel at his real job (and the millions like him).....just start a Substack or TikTok account and get millions of follower.

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