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HoS Pod: Nick Wright

HoS Pod: Nick Wright

The Fox Sports host on NBA MVP, Perkins vs. Redick, Michael Jordan vs. LeBron

Nick stops by for another round of unvarnished opinions about the industry and yes, on sports. This one went in many different directions and I enjoyed all of them. The podcast includes mention of, but is not limited to:

  • “Nick Wright has a shockingly attractive wife”

  • Why is local media now softer than ever on the teams it covers?

  • Should there be public funding of the media?

  • Are former athletes over indexed on sports television?

  • Nick takes issue with JJ Redick’s approach in his argument with Kendrick Perkins

  • Is there racial bias in MVP voting?

  • The original sin of Russell Westbrook winning MVP

  • With voting public, do NBA awards voters tail Zach Lowe’s opinions?

  • Nick and Ethan argue LeBron vs. Michael Jordan