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HoS Pod: Grant Cohn
HoS Pod: Grant Cohn
Thorn in the 49ers, most controversial Bay Area sports media guy, Youtube star

I kept hearing it from some unexpected sources in my life: You gotta get Grant Cohn on the pod. With the NFL Draft coming up, it was finally time.

No person in the sports media appears to have more disdain for the sports media than Grant. And that makes sense, even if his father Lowell was a longtime local columnist. Cohn has made it outside the mainstream circuit, pitching his bold takes to a Youtube audience. He’s been publicly attacked by multiple 49ers players, dismissed by other media outlets and yet, his channel just keeps growing and going. We get into it all.

This pod includes, but isn’t limited to discussion of:

  • Grant thinks I’m more controversial than he is?!

  • We recall a past lunch wherein Grant confessed he was struggling to make it professionally

  • What happened to turn his career around?

  • Why does Grant have disdain for the sports media of today?

  • The Javon Kinlaw incident

  • Why did the media take Kinlaw’s side? Why did they call Grant a “troll”?

  • 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan is a fascinating study in coach psychology

  • Why do the 49ers care so much about his takes?

  • Andrew Wiggins being rusty cost the Warriors in Game 1. What’s up with the absence of commentary?

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