Feb 17, 2022 • 1HR 14M

HoS Pod: Freddie DeBoer

Talking SF School Board Recall, NYC Media Blindness, and Writing

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Ethan Strauss
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Top level Substacker Freddie DeBoer is back on HoS, I’m happy to say. We covered a lot of ground in this one, such as:

  • The meaning of the San Francisco school board recall

  • How and why the system is discriminating against Asian students

  • Why the post-Gawker NYC media set can’t digest political rebukes

  • Why are many of these people more anti-anti-woke than woke?

  • Why don’t writers talk about writing on podcasts?

  • Why Freddie doesn’t do Strunk and White concision style

  • The lack of sincerity in media Twitter