Feb 7, 2022 • 1HR 5M

HoS Pod: Erich Schwartzel on Hollywood + China

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Ethan Strauss
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Erich Schwartzel is a veteran film industry reporter who might have just written the most important book of the year (He’s a friend, but hey, the book is getting rave reviews). If you’re curious about the inside story of Hollywood getting coopted by China, by all means order “Red Carpet: Hollywood, China, and the Global Battle for Cultural Supremacy.” In this episode we discuss, among many other things:

  • China’s longterm thinking vs. our corporations’ short term thinking

  • What surprising kinds of content China’s government bans in films (Such as Jamie Foxx’s penis)

  • Does Erich respect the CCP? What are their strengths?

  • Why the NBA is different from Hollywood