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HoS Pod: Dan Le Batard

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HoS Pod: Dan Le Batard

An auditory trip to Florida

Talked at length with the Miami Media Mogul. Many topics discussed, including but not limited to:

  • How Dan, the interviewer, got such great stuff out of athletes

  • Why Dan, lover of family, got married late

  • That shocking article he wrote on what Jason Taylor played through

  • Why Florida’s Cuban community shifted big towards Trump (If politics isn’t your bag, talk of it starts at the 43:00 mark and ends at roughly the 1:02 mark)

  • Did Dan lose local friends during Trump era?

  • Dan’s feelings on the awkward Michelle Tafoya interview

  • Why Heat LeBron wasn’t a frequent guest on the Le Batard Show

  • Should LeBron have done Dan’s show more?

  • Do athletes even need the media?

  • Dan’s thoughts on those famous old Heat Rants.

  • Dan’s take on the newsbreaker era and how it wore on even the gregarious Jay Glazer

  • A pygmy hippo at Miami Zoo got named after Dan

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