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HoS Pod: Bomani Jones

HoS Pod: Bomani Jones

The host of HBO's Game Theory on his correct predictions, what happened with High Noon and whether musicians will be replaced by robots

I’ve known Bomani for about as long as I’ve been in this business and yet I never know what to expect when we catch up, beyond a great conversation. On this pod, he was candid about his adventures in sports television and insightful on a wide range of other subjects. The conversation includes, but is not limited to:

  • What it’s like to host a show

  • The time Bomani called me after I got fired

  • What prediction on his show is Bomani most proud of?

  • Sports and the crypto collapse: Why were athletes main characters?

  • Why doesn’t the NBA do promos like this?

  • We reflect on Bomani’s contention, “College basketball was better when Duke was the official team of White America.”

  • Does America benefit from sports rivalries as proxies for ethnic conflict?

  • Why did White America give up on basketball?

  • Why didn’t High Noon totally work and why was Bomani open about that reality?

  • What it’s like to perform your friendship for an audience when things aren’t working

  • Bomani’s thoughts on Skip Bayless vs. Shannon Sharpe

  • Bomani’s thoughts on his (perhaps) imitators

  • Is Chat GPT-style technology going to replace musicians?

  • Can the human love for music be wholly gamed by robots?

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