Aug 3, 2022 • 1HR 24M

HoS Pod: 3 Man Booth with Freddie DeBoer and Jesse Singal

A Substack summit on NBA, media, politics

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Ethan Strauss
A podcast about sports, politics, the future and technology.
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Newsletter dynamos Freddie deBoer and Jesse Singal stopped by for an enriching 3 man pod. We began with some NBA takes, then shifted to the generalized media. Topics discussed include:

  • Freddie’s spiel on NBA media

  • Why it’s bad that the cutting edge of NBA media insults past players

  • Jesse discussed the media wagon-circling in response to Gawker putting out an obvious falsehood. Is this a journalism story overall, or just a Gawker ruins thing?

  • Why isn’t New Gawker reforming despite economic incentives to do so?

  • Is there a logic to how the media in crowd is vicious towards people only slightly different from themselves?

  • On how Jesse wrote a balanced criticism of Glenn Greenwald’s Alex Jones interview. Is non malicious critique the future?

  • The culture where it’s worse to say something 80% of people agree with than to make up a story about a guy.

  • Media in crowd culture and the crime issue

  • “Defund” as sane-washing

  • The “stop hitting yourself” form of coercion

  • Was the Internet a mistake?

  • How people age out of media

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