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HoS: Neil Paine

HoS: Neil Paine

Data driven thoughts on Caitlin Clark, Tom Brady, and whether the youth are right about Paul George

I’m a fan of Neil Paine’s data driven sports Substack and you should be too. Neil’s got a gift for finding sports mysteries and probing deeper. This conversation went so many places and I could have kept it going hours longer but for the hard out.

Topics include but aren’t limited to…

  • The data driven case for Caitlin Clark getting left off Team USA

  • If Clark’s teammates are consistently dropping the passes, are the turnovers her fault?

  • Differences between the WNBA and NBA

  • Was Tim Duncan underrated?

  • Should NFL player stats be more respected by NFL analysts?

  • A sneaky reason for why Tom Brady is the GOAT

  • Will announcer Brady teach us about his greatness?

  • Why can’t teams beat the NFL Draft?

  • Do we actually know beforehand when an NBA Draft is a “weak draft”?

  • Does MLB showing us “catch probability” undermine our enjoyment?

  • Why can’t Canadian teams win a Stanley Cup?

  • Are some great players actually chokers?

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