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HoS: Matthew Belloni

HoS: Matthew Belloni

Sports docs on Netflix, ESPN's money woes, decline of comedy movies and more

Puck News co-founder and Ringer podcast host Matthew Belloni presents the most comprehensive view of whatever’s happening in showbusinss, both big and small picture. Naturally, I wanted his takes on the role of modern sports docs (Such as Quarterback on Netflix), ESPN, and the death of tentpole comedies post 2014. We got all that, plus a lot more, within a highly efficient podcast. Topics include but aren’t limited to:

  • Should I paywall this?

  • Is the much hyped Quarterback on Netflix actually good? Maybe not?

  • Matt’s take on the new Steph Curry doc and what isn’t in it.

  • Why is ESPN unable to afford sports docs that Netflix gobbles up?

  • What’s ESPN’s future in this dark hour?

  • How’s the NBA getting involved in streaming?

  • Is the NFL on Amazon a success?

  • The decline of comedy movies: How much does social media sensitivity play a role?

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