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House of Strauss
HoS: Matt Klinman
HoS: Matt Klinman
"High Science" co-creator goes deep on the death of media
Matt is bearded man on the right

Comedy writer and viral Facebook critic Matt Klinman returns to discuss my piece on Zoomer Influencers, and the general degradation of the content economy. We talk about topics including but not limited to:

  • Why are the Zoomer Internet stars non institutional?

  • Why can Jake Paul love Trump and it means nothing?

  • Was the ads-based cable bundle an unfair bilking of the customer? Was it the best of bad systems?

  • Are the social media platforms bad vehicles for ads-based content?

  • Why are all the old media institutions collapsing? Where is the money going?

  • What does it mean that popular sports sites need gambling to sustain?

  • I say “Thanos” wrong.

  • Is Youtube the best platform?

  • Australia as a warning from the sports gambling future

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