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HoS: Matt Belloni

HoS: Matt Belloni

Swift's 4 Quad Strategy, what Barbenheimer means, ESPN vs. Fox News longevity

Puck News co-founder and The Town host Matthew Belloni is my go to on show business goings on. Nobody is better versed on this fast moving industry during a particularly turbulent epoch, and he conveys it all with panache. So, in this episode, I picked Belloni’s brain Timestamps provided by the astute Sam Schuette….

Writers strike and the role of Twitter social pressure (1:40)

How did Twitter facilitate the strike?

Why is streaming such a bad business? (16:10)

How the vanishing of windowing and bundling made revenue more difficult

Taylor Swift and 4 Quadrant Marketing (22:05)

Is Taylor Swift leveraging the NFL to get guys to see her movie?

Barbenheimer Shattering Expectations (24:46)

Why Barbie’s success was a triumph of the brand, not the genre of comedy

The difficulty of making “new” (30:00)

The same people who run Hollywood now are the same people who ran Hollywood decades ago

ESPN vs. Fox – Who Fails First? (36:55)

Why the stakes are higher for ESPN

Will the Leagues get Saved by Big Tech? (40:45)

ESPN’s problem with renting the leagues instead of owning

Netflix dipping their toes into the sports world

Is Wrexham’s Popularity Real or Fake? (47:25)

How it may set a trend for celebrities in sports

Winning Time’s Death (49:55)

The expenses of getting non-sports fans to watch the show

People not taking sports seriously (51:10)

The complexities of covering sports that get ignored

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