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HoS: Larry Krueger

HoS: Larry Krueger

How'd Larry go from pushed out of KNBR to winning big on Youtube?

Larry Krueger, proprietor of The Krueg Show, and former Bay Area radio mainstay, might know a thing or two about succeeding locally. A couple years ago he was pushed out of his role at KNBR, at which point he started building his 49ers-centric Youtube channel. It’s been a big success, currently at over 40,000 subscribers and rapidly gaining. As a fan of his channel, I wanted insight into the comeback story behind it and Larry’s overall perspective on media.

Pod discussion includes, but is not limited to:

  • How advice from comedian Al Madrigal helped Larry build The Krueg Show

  • Larry is so granular with his analysis and yet it works on a big scale

  • The massive gap between America’s passion for football and actual knowledge

  • Why people feel comfortable second guessing football coaches vs. other sports

  • Larry’s disagreement with Grant Cohn

  • Larry’s since resolved fight with “The Coach”

  • We both object to a Dan Patrick take on Kyle Shanahan in the Super Bowl

  • How the Warriors handle the media

  • Larry gives us his take for dream 49ers 1st round pick and realistic 1st round pick

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