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HoS: Kmele Foster

HoS: Kmele Foster

The Fifth Column co-host talks aliens, God and government

One of my favorite conversations on this site, if I do say so myself (Subscribe today!). Many of you are familiar with Kmele Foster’s work on The Fifth Column and other platforms, but I’d say it’s rare to get him in an interview setting. Obviously, Kmele did not disappoint. Few in media think deeply on as wide a range of available subjects as Kmele does, which is why we were able to discuss all of the following:

  • Does Kmele believe aliens exist?

  • Should you consider yourself a “vector of history”?

  • Is it less fashionable to contemplate the meaning of existence these days?

  • Does Kmele believe in God?

  • “Our behavior determines the content of our minds”

  • Why did Friedrich Hayek influence a college aged Kmele’s thinking?

  • Can Kmele reconcile his freedom-forward perspective with the unmanaged chaos he sees in Oakland and San Francisco?

  • Is libertarianism a philosophy that leaves normies behind?

  • Should all drugs be legal?

  • Does Big Tech share some blame for the problems in the Bay and the world?

  • Why should we be optimistic about technology if it outpaces our ability to adapt to it?

  • Is wokeness, whatever it is, downstream of law?

  • Are governments giving way to the tech overlords?

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