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HoS: Katie Herzog

HoS: Katie Herzog

Trevor Bauer, a Sixers beat writer gets fired over a tweet, Twitter/X on Israel

Katie Herzog, the funny and insightful co-host of Blocked and Reported is back 1) Because she has an open invite to appear on HoS and 2) Because BAR covered the Trevor Bauer saga, as I did too. Our conversation starts on the media coverage of Bauer and then gets into other journalism topics. Pod subjects timestamped by the astute Sam Schuette include…

Trevor Bauer Saga (1:10)

  • Why did mainstream outlets quash the story’s epilogue?

  • Social incentives overtaking financial incentives when covering controversial stories

The media’s role in sexual assault cases (14:30)

  • Does it matter if the accuser is named?

  • “Say her name” vs preserving anonymity

  • How much does partisanship affect these cases?

The outside influences on journalists (21:07)

  • How the desire to sound right-thinking influences a journalist’s coverage

  • What’s worse: Audience capture or colleague capture?

Has more smoke cleared for MeToo or BLM? (34:10)

  • How assumptions on race and gender influence perspectives

  • Which can we talk about more, issues that cross over with #MeToo or BLM?

  • Ibram X Kendi’s ESPN segment and why it got released after the window of interest closed

The Reality of NFL Players’ Views on their Careers (43:00)

  • Why do so many players not regret playing amid all the pain it caused?

  • Why it’s difficult for the journalists to accept

Sixers Beat Reporter Fired For One Tweet: Fair or Unfair? (46:15)

  • Is it fair to fire an employee over a bad Tweet?

  • Can you support freedom of expression while recognizing that one tweet can reveal incompetence?

X’s Role in the Israel/Palestine War (56:00)

  • Would the prior Twitter have censored the Hamas attack?

Delayed Aftershock of Me Too in the Sports World (1:02:05)

  • Why did it come for public radio and not sports?

  • The role of sensitivity among the audience

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