This guy is awesome what a great NBA conversation. I'll be sure to check out his content.

Regarding the ongoing dialogue regarding Strauss Inc.... I see you more like Klosterman than any of these fully optimized content guys that you seem to be fascinated with. Your lane is thinky eclectic PREMIUM work a few times a week, not 24 hours of HOS. In my opinion

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Making your living on these ‘volume shooting’ YouTube business models just seems so precarious.

In the normal world (outside of law and maybe a couple other glutton for punishment professional tracks) you grind through your 20s before moving into management role where you get the benefit of delegating down to the next crop of 20 somethings.

But what are these volume shooting YouTube guys going to do? Push out 5-10 videos a day for the next forty years and pray the algorithm doesn’t one day change and upend their entire business?

Not for the faint of heart.

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Yeah, Ethan was hinting at it in the pod, but also curious how Jason Timpf/similar content creators adjust when they first have kids.

But yes, the uncertainty of having your entire income/livelihood tied to both the algorithm and the way YouTube chooses to pay its creators seems less than ideal. I guess it's kind of true for anyone who works for a company, it just seems so much less stable with YT (although also apparently very lucrative in the short term). I also work for myself, so the stability/independence tradeoff is something I think about constantly.

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