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HoS: Bomani Jones

HoS: Bomani Jones

Talking QBs (Josh Allen, Brock Purdy) with Bo

Bomani took issue with my “What if Brock Purdy Had Jordan Love's Saturday Performance?” article, which was a good excuse to bring back an HoS favorite. What followed was, in my opinion a highly enjoyable conversation. Topics included but weren’t limited to…

  • Why Bomani has more hardcore fans than similarly well known entertainers

  • Bo’s take on Brock Purdy, having seen him play at Iowa State

  • Does the public care about Jordan Love?

  • Race and the paradigm shift on quarterbacks

  • The power of football announcers to shape the narrative we debate

  • Bomani’s past Josh Allen takes vs. his present Josh Allen takes

  • Is Buffalo coming up short the fault of Josh Allen?

  • Doc Rivers going from Adrian Griffin’s advisor to his replacement as Bucks coach

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