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HoS: Bomani Jones

HoS: Bomani Jones

Exiting from ESPN and HBO, he's got some takes

Bomani Jones is here and suddenly without constraints. We had a great conversation on sports industry topics, many of which we were able to get to by using the Damian Lillard/Le Batard/Woj situation as a jumping off point. Oh, and below we’re testing out a more complete podcast outline, put together by Sam Schuette.

Pod subjects include but aren’t limited to:

  1. Individual branding

    1. After leaving ESPN, becoming your own brand as a journalist

  2. ESPN equity stakes to NBA and NFL

    1. Desperation? Inability to compete with big tech

    2. Chess move? Leagues could be going for established networks after failed NBA TV

    3. NFL has leverage over ESPN, no need to make deal

  3. NFL’s popularity over other leagues

    1. Good balance of variance and predictability in the NFL makes it exciting

    2. Regular season matters more in NFL which piques interest all year long

  4. Lillard trade/Woj drama

    1. How did Woj’s relationship with Lillard’s agent influence his reports?

    2. Lillard’s situation reflective of shift in players’ status in how they get to pick their next destination even when under contract

  5. Different types of journalism (Windy vs Woj)

    1. Windhorst: brings fans behind the scenes

    2. Woj: more focused on breaking the big news first

  6. White guys in the NBA

    1. Tyler Herro undervalued because he’s white?

    2. Whiteness can be a detriment to how a player’s perceived when he’s below average, but an asset when he’s good (x-cubed analogy)

    3. White Americans vs white Europeans (guys who connect with media vs foreigners perceived as outsiders)

    4. Many white Americans grow up in predominately white areas (where it’s more socially acceptable for a white guy to aim for the NBA)

  7. Taylor Swift male audience

    1. Recent influx of male audience members at Swift concerts, particularly among Gen-Z

    2. Do guys actually care about her music or is it just a way for them to get a date?

    3. Jonathan Ogden story (some guys simply enjoy the music, even those you’d least expect)

  8. Messi in Miami

    1. Miami is an ideal location because of Argentine population

    2. It’s an “events” city

    3. Will be tough to because few fans care about the team, only Messi himself

  9. Running back salary

    1. Running backs supposedly underpaid

    2. Complicated by the fact that RB’s often leave their primes when they’re up for free agency

    3. In multiple sports, CBA’s complicate players salaries and create disconnect between max contract players versus role players

  10. Bomani addressing naysayers

    1. TV show ratings

    2. Unpredictable takes (sometimes traditionally left-wing, sometimes not)

    3. What’s it like to have your career discussed as a proxy for wokeness

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