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HoS: Adam Mares
HoS: Adam Mares
The DNVR founder explains why "all the Nuggets are good!"

Thrilled for this well timed visit from Adam Mares of DNVR, in the immediate aftermath of the Denver Nuggets clinching their first ever Finals berth. A few years ago, Adam staked his independent media claim out in Colorado, a small market, where the NBA theoretically comes last. Now, the Nuggets are what’s hot and his DNVR site is where the national media comes for answers on the NBA’s latest phenomenon. On this pod, we discuss the incredible high he’s feeling as his grand plan comes to a shocking, though natural, fruition. Pod discussion includes, but is not limited to:


  • Where does the bunny eat?

  • Did Adam cause all this to happen with his vision?

  • Adam vs. the NBA’s Him-ification

  • Why wasn’t this Nuggets juggernaut marketed well?

  • Would the Nuggets have been more mainstream in the recent past, like, let’s say, 2012?

  • Adam’s take on the idea that fewer people will watch a Denver Finals than a Los Angeles Finals

  • What stories did the media miss about this team?

  • LeBron was amazing this postseason; He also tried to control the narrative again.

  • Which media members are bending the knee to Jokic?

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