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HoS Pod: Tim Kawakami

HoS Pod: Tim Kawakami

Warriors post trade deadline, 49ers fallout, Bob Myers at a crossroads and more

My old boss, Athletic superstar and overall King of Bay Area Media stops by to talk Warriors and Niners. Obviously, the Warriors’ end to the Wiseman era gets some play here, but the conversation goes in a variety of directions. This podcast discussion includes, but is not limited to:

  • On how we should aspire to be like Steph Curry in terms of delegation

  • What happened with James Wiseman? When was it really over?

  • Can Joe Lacob be cajoled?

  • Tim’s Mailbag columns at The Athletic are incredible and he’s dropping news bombs within them

  • Why’d it end ugly between Kyle Shanahan and Jimmy Garoppolo?

  • How Brock Purdy seemed for real before getting thrown into action

  • Warriors GM Bob Myers: Is he leaving? Tim makes a bold prediction

  • Which team is bigger in the Bay, Warriors or Niners?

  • A theory or two on why Myers might be antsy to go

  • What does it mean that I declined to ask about the San Francisco Giants?

  • As a guy who serves readers expertly, but is often fighting with them, how does Tim feel about sports fans?

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