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HoS: Nate Duncan Answers My Dumb Normie Qs

HoS: Nate Duncan Answers My Dumb Normie Qs

The expert NBA podcaster also defends NBA commissioner Adam Silver to me

One day Nate quit being a lawyer and started an NBA podcast empire. Still, the urge to litigate remains, so he’s arrived at HoS to prove NBA commissioner Adam Silver innocent of my grievous charges. We debate Silver’s thus-far legacy and then move on to the other main event: Can Nate smartly answer some of my dumb NBA questions?

Podcast discussion includes but is not limited to:

  • About a 7 minute preamble where Nate and Ethan discuss our awkwardness around in person greetings

  • I put Adam Silver on trial; Nate defends him

  • On what basis do we judge a sports commissioner?

  • My Dumb Normie Questions for Nate, such as…

  • Why is Erik Spoelstra the best coach? 

  • Was Anthony Davis unfairly maligned

  • What’s Nate’s view on how good this Nuggets team is historically?

  • I’m hearing that the new CBA is designed to ruin the Warriors. Is this true and what does this mean?

  • Why was Nikola Jokic the biggest draft steal ever?

  • Why is Jimmy Butler so good?

  • Nate’s take on the most overrated food

  • My case for pepper as a coattail-riding condiment

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