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HoS: Chris Vernon

HoS: Chris Vernon

The King of Memphis stops by to talk NBA, Tony Allen and what saved his career

Thrilled to have Chris Vernon on because I’ve long been curious about his career as an NBA + overall sports podcaster. The best way I can summarize Verno for those who do not know: Think if Sam Kinison was really into the Memphis Grizzlies.

Topics include but are not limited to…

  • Vernon used to hilariously CRUSH Pau Gasol

  • How Chris chose the Grizzlies as his success vehicle

  • Why Robert Saleh is the reason 49ers Youtube exploded

  • JT The Brick saved Chris’ career with some unforgettable advice

  • Why Tony Allen is a better NBA player podcaster than some others

  • Why Vernon thinks the NBA will be profitable despite losing full game watchers

  • Gas station boner pills?

  • Do the kids like the NBA?

  • Will this LeBron + JJ Redick podcast be a success?

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